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Romeo The Sweet Romeo - Poem by .... Chetty

Where is my Romeo?
Oh Romeo, thy sweet Romeo
Is he waiting outside my house, singing with his guitar?
Or where is my Romeo? Is he ridding the stars of the heaven on his white horse?
Does anyone know where my Romeo is?
Is he coming for me? will he take me to the deepest of the earth and drown me in the ocean?
Romeo, oh Romeo! you are so beautiful! oh beautiful Romeo, it's like you bathed each day in the heaven's fountain, and moisture your skin the glimmer of the stars.
Can you take me to the heavens Romeo? where my dreams is not a myth but a reality.
Your lips so red, so sweet like a honey bee awaiting to sting me with its poison.
And what a sweet poison it will be to a awake under your fire.

There is my Romeo, watching me like a heroin. It's a sweet heroin to be under his stares.
Oh Romeo! dance with me under the stars of the heavens.
Dance with me the melody of the melody of love.
Sing with me the songs of angels.

Your touch, your touch oh my Romeo!
your touch pounds my heart with the colour of red.
Red is painful colour but yet it so sensuous;
I wish upon the stars that I may steal his red beating heart.
Run away to the stars with me Romeo!
Come run with me!
What the world cannot see,
I have found right underneath your eyes.
Come with me Romeo!
The moment of truth, I bleed when I see your eyes upon me.
You are everything I live to feel.
You are everything I live to give.

Pick up your sword and fight with me Romeo!
Fight this intoxication you have lavished me in.

Love, l'amour, love!
The longing words of every human desire!
Do you love Romeo? Is your sweet love given to me?
Thy lips, thy taste makes every moment worth the waiting.

Run with me Romeo, for my longing for you has turned into tears.
I want to be, I want to be beside you.
I want to lay, I want to lay beside you.
I want to awake, I want to awake beside you.

Oh sweet Romeo, what disease have you infested upon me?
What poison have you given me?
For my every waking moment lingers to see you.
Kiss me once more Romeo, that I may fade away into dust, and blossom as the rose of your memory.

Make love to me Romeo, make love to me under the stars of your heaven.
My heart beats to your touch.
Teach me love Romeo, teach me how to give love.
Romeo thy sweet Romeo,
I blossom, I blossom in your arms.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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