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Round The Fire - Poems – Sakis Athanasiadis – Grecce - Poem by sakis athanasiadis Grecce

Europeans the City

When they stopped above
From the hill that sleeps
The ancient city
The red clouds
They had in their body wind and anger
Then a small god
It turned him from his nest
Leaving only light blue and green
In spring in his courtyard.
The summertimes that fire
The sun the hard earth
Breath of history is heard
In the inexperienced sky
In dyed with red earth In the
Worthy river
That in his impetuous current of
It diffuses the dust of centuries In Thermaiko.
Few broken tiles Thousands secretively lettered
Smoke messages
A light embrace from Greece Millions steps
Nothing does not die on t o hill In the ancient city mum
In the Macedonian ground.
Cop.2011 Sakis Athanasiadis

What and if You fought Grandfather

The dreams it did not find to read
Thus my thought concealedly I have passed
Their machine today had spoiled
The glass eyes somebodies had broken him

What and if you fought grandfather in the cold
The nightmare exists always in the corner
Street it shows in the enemy in order to passes
Ball it throws also my eyes it breaks

What and if you now fought grandfather in the cold the things changed in the course
Do not look at me from tally with query
Remove cry wakes up the history

The dreams it did not find to read
Because the “big brother” had spoiled And from the borders you I write in a attitude
The dreams I left him in the forests
Cop.2011 Sakis Athanasiadis

If You say Goodbye in 'Summertime

In papers flown
The life you fill you
And the black moons
In concealed you color

Without you are afraid
Saint the order
You say that monk
Now you are all right

Without you feel sorry
That the spring of leaves
And remove feathers
far it flies

If you say goodbye
In 'summertime
You will send the love
In other parts

It comesthe winter
Touch you from the hand
If you say goodbye
In 'summertime

Is the life street big
Long the travel deposit and other
In the hastiness does not say monk
You will be all right for every rock
Cop.2011 Sakis Athanasiadis

Round the Fire

Above from the fire They dance tall
Ghosts many Before they are lost far
Round the fire
The world mine And doubly me you
The secret in my light

Never I will not write
For this what has left
Never I will cry
For this what will become

Never I will not change
My fire will remain
And my voice will become more possible…
More possible…

A magic embrace Under the stars
Around from the fire
The world mine
Cop.2011 Sakis Athanasiadis

My New Homeland

It blows air possible
Rain will bring
How cleaning with water however also this
The red from the hand

Errors full the season
Children that cry
In the lachrymal rain
The eyes burn

Speak the hours to the rain
And the time extinguishes
The one that bends in order to it lives
Always ragias will remain

And here in your new homeland
Red in your body seal
And here in your new homeland
In your eyes the teardrops I saw

And i in my new homeland
Touched at error in the trap
Everything I saw…
Everything I saw…

Full dust season
Cities that burn
Balls that passed rubbed Them me say…
Cop.2011 Sakis Athanasiadis

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