Mahanish Jung Thapa

Rue....... - Poem by Mahanish Jung Thapa

Dear Rohit,

As the warm air passes with the Express, I wonder every beats of heart now express the virgin notes
The virgin notes come along with the symphony of saxophone where dark line lies within white clouds
The dark line of crossed names under the feelings of white clouds should feel ashamed
Still remembering the moment, the wind whispers me about our tragic times of yore; it is she to be blamed
Doors opened and the glimpse of shimmering light melted both blue eyes after years to lit the “Candles of Catheredine” together
At the mean time, the messenger of love, the dove flew through the window of church and dropped a feather
As the feather falls, the shimmering light makes her way to young hearts and flows the sensation of love towards every direction we belong
Summer air breaks the winter clouds into small snow cottons and falls on our skin with chilling thoughts
Zephyr flows your smell touching my heart strings vibrate your own signature strokes
As I closed my eyes, stars start twinkling awaiting this moment for thousand years and the moon rise
The sparked torches of mine when touches your dark blinks sing the song of love on paradise
Thanks her, though strangers now our twenty-two years blessed virgin thoughts holds our hand forever
Expectation comes along with exception when we share every sip of deep oceans and promise not to break ever
Nature kissed my charisma and I believed to be your beloved bubbly girl who can make your dark sun shine
The real numbers smile roll down miles and the days rhyme to dry every crazy cry of mine
Twenty-two years virgin notes between these twenty-two lines though can’t live but breathe without lies
Paging the papers of pearls and catching your five run days how did I let you go? ? ? ? ? ? ? Said GOODBYE
Lots of dreams came across my way made every broken thing together and the eyes only open with zeal
Now, everyday I look through the window vowing towards the drops of rain playing with my feel
Walking with the words of waiting, my hero come back soon to stop my paused wheel
Come back soon to stop my paused wheel……….
Whistles of the Express still express my virgin whispers…………
ChhukChhuk....DhhukDhhuk.... ChhukChhuk.... DhhukDhhuk.........

Yours beloved,
Rue Fernandes

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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