Gianni Vespucci

Ruin Me - Poem by Gianni Vespucci

This will be the ruin of me
I only wish I could've seen
The old me would've been disappointed
After all the things he had jointed
And that's all he worked to avoid
Run away if anyone ever pointed
I was fine the way I was
Stayed away from the flux
Because it was always me, Never us
Then one day I felt invincible
The reason at first was not visible
But it eventually came to light
And it was most irresistible
She came into my life out of nowhere
I was attracted to her rare flair
How she never really cares
Plus she's true to herself, Emotions run bare
Though sometimes it's all for the worst
I know we never looked for love
But that's what we got now
With that hate for which we thirst
I'm not sure what's happening
And I'm not sure if I like it
It's kind of saddening
All I want is to relish
I've always heard of love hate
But now I can say I truly relate
We started off being so heavenly
Now we turned into a malady
The we used to have were bonafide
The two of us are starting to feel malafide
And I'm starting to wish we stayed confined
With our emotions and I had miriads of notions
It's obvious that we're from two different dominions
So I think we should end it all
Before we both take a fall
Be strong and stand tall
Because we have too many flaws
This isn't me being supercilious
I'm just being sagacious
Of what's going on around us
No more love and more lust
Just leave it here to let it rust

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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