Vianca Borrero

Run - Poem by Vianca Borrero

I run
I keep running
I hear footsteps behind me
Im too scared to look
I try to run faster
Im in a tunnel
I look around the tunnel as i run
I see memories
I see my self as im small
Snows falling on my head and im smiling
Its just the three of us
You have me on your shoulders spinning me aorund
Your smiling
Im smiling
Shes smiling
I run
Next memory
Its on my right
I see im sitting on a hospital bed
Im holding a little baby
hes adorable
He grabs and holds my finger
His small little hand
I hug him and silently promise
'ill watch over you little brother'
I run
New memory
Its on my left
Im pushing a lil boy in a toy truck
Were both smiling and laughing
I run
I hear the foot steps closer
There right on my heels
I run
I look to the right
Broke in door
I run
I look to the left
I see the red devil
I scream and fall
Arms catch me
I look behind me
i scream
I try and run
It pulls me back
Memories fade
Darkness takes over
No memories
No happiness
Just darkness
I cower in the corner
I hear footsteps
I cant run
Cant see
All i see
Is the darkness

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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