Ocean Myranda

Sacrifice - Poem by Ocean Myranda

Sitting in a room filled with people,
Feeling like an outcast, I don't belong,
Staring out the window, not listening,
Never knowing of the sacrifice to come.

Watching my friend sneak someone in,
Trying to understand what is going on,
He watches his friend enter my room,
Of all places, why here? Why now?

Suddenly, he pulls a gun, fear takes over,
I realize, I don't want to die,
Tears flowing out of my fear filled eyes,
Everyone huddled in a corner.

Listening to this guy's threat,
Why would he bring this monster here? !
Wait, how long did he say? 30 minutes,
I watch the clock, but I watch him.

He's irritated, he has no patience,
Already 20 minutes pass, he's getting angry,
What is he doing? No, he's coming over here,
Don't pick me, don't pick me, please!

Watching him reach for a victim,
No! Not me! Grabbing my arm,
I'm going to die! Why me?
The gun pointed to my head.

How many minutes did he say? 2?
I can see death smiling, I'm going to die,
Thrown across the room to a wall,
He pointed the gun at me, I scream.

What else can I do? I can't run,
Time slowed, I saw my friend,
He tackled the monster he unleashed,
No! A shot, someone's been shot!

It can't be, please, don't let it be,
Rushing over to him, seeing the blood on his shirt,
That was my last day with him,
He sacrificed himself for my life.

My only question is, why?
I didn't deserve him, much less to lose him,
He unleashed a monster, but died a hero,
Taking the bullet, my sacrifice lives on.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, October 22, 2009

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