Sad Sad Eyes Poem by gordon nosworthy

Sad Sad Eyes

and in the end the clown smiled
because that's all the clown knew to do
twist blown up balloons
into odd animal shapes
the nose red the cheeks red the lips red
the gloved hands white
the shoes large and floppy
the smile never ending
because that's all the clown knew to do

the clown had sad sad eyes
his audience thought that cute
to have sad sad eyes overseeing tubular red lips
and a boutonniere spurting water
splashing those who ventured too close
and foolishly bent down to sniff
looked then with some annoyance
and surprise and giggles
with liquid dripping from brow and cheek
up to those sad sad eyes
with accusations of how could you, to me

watch the clown's blue polka dot bow tie
spin wide the eyes of children
one day adults all grown up
amused at the irony of sad sad eyes and bells
ringing in the happy happy hidden life
at the hope the clown has forsaken
the dreams that brought stars to their knees
the despair welling behind the sad sad eyes
above the red red tubular lips
because in the end
that's all the clown knew to do

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: life
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