Lauren Burch

Said & Done - Poem by Lauren Burch

You leave me to wonder
While hearing the thunder
During the lightning's strife
Is it worth the sacrifice?
I'd like to say yes
Believe it's a simple test
But I'm left to wonder why
You make the tears I cry. 
I wish you'd see
The person you are to me
But I don't know how to say
Everything wrong in the right way. 
You say you care
Possibly more than you should share
But I'd rather not lie
You don't think I even try?
Sometimes I don't believe
How you can be so mean
My best,
Never better than the rest. 
It's time to give in
Shake off some sin
Leave for no end
Without a single friend. 
Maybe I need to start over
Before I get too much older
To live without regret
A life lived unset 
But maybe they're right,
It's worth the fight
If I go on longer
Maybe I'll grow stronger. 
But I'm sick of being told
How to act and how to hold
I need to do this by myself
So I'll leave my picture on the shelf
I write this to you from my heart
I'm confused as to if we part. 
When we're together
Nothing can ever be better
But if it bursts,
Can it get worse?
Now I wonder how this could happen
Our fantasy, we're found trapped in
But this cannot remain
I'm sorry for any pain
Maybe you'll find room to forgive
The tragedy I'm forced to live. 
So here is all I have,
Remember what you had
And when it's all said and done
We are always burned by the sun. 

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 6, 2012

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