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Saint And Sinner - Poem by Jason Bradley

Forbidden, layed out before me, I
Watch and learn and try to lie

My eyes lost in twin moons
Hazel and cherubic, voice of divine tunes

Unable to think, with obsessive single desire
Thoughts set aflame in a passionate fire

From ten thousand miles, wishing for unity
Praying, begging for release from this contested gravity

Pulling on my heart as a finger to strings
Strings discordant, confused at the feelings it brings

Distraught and panicked in knowledge of the absence
The flickering that died, the emptyness since

Oblivious and wanted
With dire disire to be hunted

For sanity, and morality
Relate to me the meaning of actuality

Forces must be broken for this dream
These wishes that are frayed at the seam

What hope is there for a Sinner
Begging to be a Saint, without consent; and wither

Earnest, bleeding, wrong, and waiting
Exhausted from yearning, instantaneously fading

What mad hope could contradict
This, our relation so soon brought to verdict

As seasons draw in, love seems to abstract
Enough for us to someday contract?

No, love stays lost in a throe
This broken soul, shunned in limbo

I'm lost inside this sad prose
Save me, my thorn clad rose

I'm a Sinner, save me, Cherub
Saint, my paragon, sweet love; Paramour, my breath you rob

For what do I wait
In these hours so late

What keeps my dreams from me
Who liberates me from the sea

This water, swallowing and gluttonous
Terrible as your glare, so less dangerous

But woe is me, as I lift one last hand toward the light
But fall, again - no more escape from the night

What starts as a love poem to an Angel, so quant
Degenerates, as do we all- But my sweet, lovely Saint.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 26, 2010

Poem Edited: Sunday, May 23, 2010

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