Sakura Cherry Picked Which Tree Wasn't Pink? Poem by Lovita Morang

Sakura Cherry Picked Which Tree Wasn't Pink?

Sakura cherry picked, which tree wasn't pink?

Sakura cherry picked which cherry tree wasn't pink blooming, bonding?
Rain and rhyme in right time's bonfire breezing, winter air chiming;
Yes, everybody must have a tree of their own, in their love, in their lawn;
Sakura in each season waits and crawl in, rhadamantine rhapsodic inn, this time Sakura like sea of flames, flagging,
But here mountain full of cherry cheering, at that moment I looked up and thought blue sky is pink, cherry forest sown, vintage origin, naturally on their own.

Waiting is aching, devouring, devoting, abode of clouds, break in the clouds of blue sky bright, like a rhapsodist, a time-keeper,
Down, I walked hearthily, scorching into the hearth of cherry forest;
It was worth, I was here, listening to the tree, wolf down words woful like william wordsworth's solitary reaper,
November air, melancholic was the guest.
Sakura cherry picked which tree wasn't pink blooming bonding?

breathing through blossoms, these wound of woeful ballad balming,
Homebound, everything strange humming birds, butterflies, brimming, yet a delights of new born bonhomie;
Sakura serenades in shillong, she longed to be here, where she dont belong, and wrote a song"I have become the cherry tree, " embarked on its bark, standing in shades of pink, just a feel to write this cheerful song and as if everything is becoming cherry tree-
Read Ruskin's poem The cherry tree, a different tree, bonding,
Like the bonds budding in between you and me.
Sakura cherry picked which tree wasn't pink blooming bonding?
breeding brooding through these, blooming mighty, it will remain here greening, now, yes it's pink, it's fragile,
Bah, by the placid lake, sawed me leaves budding, wind ward off, cherry blossom ending, It knows it's own, birth, mating, meeting in land, fertile.

Quick to fall, like flowerchild, it falls in the fragrace of earth, in mirth on its moors it stroll, petals peacenik plummeting,
Sakura cherry picked tell me which tree wasn't pink, blossoms, blooming bonding?

-Lovita J R Morang

Sunday, November 18, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: lifespan
Sakura in Shillong. She longed to bloom along the cherry blossoms and the she wrote a song, " I have become the cherry tree
Lovita Morang

Lovita Morang

Arunachal, Assam, india
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