San Francisco Night Windows Poem by Robert Penn Warren

San Francisco Night Windows

Rating: 3.3

So hangs the hour like fruit fullblown and sweet,
Our strict and desperate avatar,
Despite that antique westward gulls lament
Over enormous waters which retreat
Weary unto the white and sensual star.
Accept these images for what they are--
Out of the past a fragile element
Of substance into accident.
I would speak honestly and of a full heart;
I would speak surely for the tale is short,
And the soul's remorseless catalogue
Assumes its quick and piteous sum.
Think you, hungry is the city in the fog
Where now the darkened piles resume
Their framed and frozen prayer
Articulate and shafted in the stone
Against the void and absolute air.
If so the frantic breath could be forgiven,
And the deep blood subdued before it is gone
In a savage paternoster to the stone,
Then might we all be shriven.

George Frank Oliver 24 June 2020

really he was a great poet.three Pulitzer prize equals more than a nobel prize.

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George Frank oliver 22 June 2020

poetry is an offensive but beautiful act. Warren has done so always.

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peter 12 November 2018

Having a robot program recite a poem by Robert Penn Warren? What twisted mind thought that a good idea?

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