Sanguine On The Tree Poem by Parwin Jadan

Sanguine On The Tree

Sanguine on the tree

What make Hazy tipsy
Not smokes nor wine
Cause I don't drink
Not even have a pipe
It’s the bliss of my happy soul
So try to understand me chums
Hazy under the rain
Why I am not afraid of the rain
Only only only afraid of my heart
Heart and heart the hardest part
How much I wish to be like the rain
That fall and travel wherever
Freely happily boldly
Some white dogs laughed and said
Hey look at that white moon is your damn soul
But grey clouds dancing around
Is it your destiny to be a golden sun
Gives light while you are burning huh huh
You are a brown cloud that no one can know or see
Cause what the shepherd wants is only to lead his flock to peace
For that reason I am the happiest Hazy in the world
Hazy want to be nature like
In best mind
Best shape
Best soul
Snail asks me while she is smoking
Comeon man what is the secret?
Hazy kissing a red flower
Ok well man, I tell you
Don't tell others, right
Yeah yeah say it then kill me
I hold a rope reach the sky
Then the snail looked up
Dropped down from tree
Passed away
Hazy dancing with hens wondering
Dead breaths around
Dead eyes
Dead souls
Dead hand
Dead body
Dead word dead heart
Around as raven and owls
Hovering like snakes
Crocodiles sharks monkeys
Hovering around want to steal the smiles of the heart
So well, as much my chums dancing with me the wind dance I am Hazy forever

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