Sue Chevalier

Rookie - 10 Points (April 18,1966 / Elizabeth New Jersey)

Sarah's Special Birthday - Poem by Sue Chevalier

There once was a girl named Sarah who had a special toy
Her toy was a doll named Melodie who brought her lots of joy.
One night when Sarah fell asleep with Melodie in her hand
Sarah started dreaming she was in a faraway land.
This land was filled with beautiful flowers, birds and butterflies
This was the land of Krendoll where magical dolls come alive!
Then Sarah saw a shadow along side a tree
She notices it's Melodie as happy as can be!
Melodie is sitting on a magical unicorn, the unicorn is fair, soft and white
The unicorn's name is UniCandle with his horn shining bright!
Melodie jumps off of UniCandle who lets her to the ground
And Sarah notices many, many, many presents all around.
The presents are all wrapped with big shiny bows
They all fit in a glittering cart that has a glittering glow.
"It's a Special Birthday for…guess who? You guessed it shouts Melodie
Sarah all the presents are for you! "
"The magic of your Special Dream brought you to this land
The land of Special Birthdays is right where you now stand! "
Then all of a sudden, UniCandle's horn lit up a deep orange blue
The flickering of his golden flame would make Sarah's birthday wish come true!
Then Melodie moved the cart with the help of the big golden handles
So UniCandle could reach Sarah's birthday cake and light Sarah's birthday candle.
Once lit Sarah's birthday candle shined a sparkling hue, then Sarah blew…and blew
But the candle would not blow out, so Sarah started to shout, "What am I to do? "
"Close your eyes, make a wish and then count to three
Then your birthday candle will blow out, just you wait and see! "
So Sarah did as she was told, and started noticing sparkles of gold.
Sarah couldn't believe what she had found.
She had received a beautiful birthstone gown, along with a beautiful birthstone crown!
"See Sarah, your birthday wish did come true, all of these birthday gifts are for you! "
Then Melodie put the crown on top of Sarah's head
and before Sarah knew it she was back in her own bed.
Sarah awoke with Melodie in her hand
and noticed Melodie was holding
a birthday card with a golden strand.
Sarah opened it to see what it might say, it said:
"Happy Birthday Sarah, for you are 5 today! ! "
Sarah couldn't believe it and was happy as can be
She had received a birthday card from UniCandle and Melodie! !
So when you go to bed at night, and see a star shining bright
Just think of Krendoll faraway, and in your heart it will stay! "

Written by Sue Chevalier on August 5,1995

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