Brandon Shutter

Scared - Poem by Brandon Shutter

I'm scared of the day, the day I stop missing you.
I'm scared slowly day by day my mind will erase the memory of you.
I put a lot of trust in this, and you said that it was different.
You said you could try again, you said you go the distance.

I guess I should tell you though, a little bit more about me.
Though I try to act like I don't mind, those days were bliss to me.
It hurts you know the truth, that I love you way more than you like me,
and that my heart beats so fast at the thought of you back with me.

My heart won't stop pounding, it knows something isn't right.
Since the day you left, it beats a frantic beat.
This loss truly feels like my life is being taken away from me.

I hope you don't feel that these words are lies,
an illusion because we've shared limited time,
or that I'm completely insane for thinking about you,
I promise you I haven't lost my mind.

Well the truth is that you are right me for me, and you've known it since we met.
Not once did we fight, there's something you just have to get.
I don't want anyone else but you my girl, and I know this to be true.
We'll build this up together and I'll always be there for you.

It's obvious that I'm attached baby
Come back soon to my arms and let me remember you.
Let me forget the bad, and focus on the good,
let us make our future bright, something like Hollywood.

I don't know what you feel inside, or if this load you can carry.
I ask you not to be scared, but to remember the feelings that you had were true.
I hope we'll be getting to know each other more,
so open and let me in because I'm so not over you.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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