matt daffern

Scourge Of Mankind - Poem by matt daffern

The strangulated gasp of suicidal youth
In agony, crying, Dying in despair,
Evokes images of misery

O misery! Thy name Is not one but many
You are asmodeus the destroyer
Lilith, demon of corroding lust
Lucifer the betrayer
Your name is Thaumial
Epitome of all is not well

Your names are Hate, rage, suffering incarnate
Simultaneously hated And unknowingly worshipped
Your music is supremely popular
With a rhythm of marching boots
notes reminiscent of dying
Chords of unquestioned authority
Woven around lyrics of false speeches

Misery, thy reach is far
Can none escape your grasp?
Many have fallen to your serpents tongue
Your enticing kiss Your fiendish embrace

O misery! Thy form is infinite! You are all around us
You are the gin in the drink
The bluish rock
The orgy soaked video
You are the bruises on the housewife's body
The aftermath of incestous rape
The unholy pleasure of gore splattered murderers

O misery! Thy followers are infinite!
They are composed of martyrs promised multiple virgins
Fanatics of helter skelter
Politicians blinded by power
People who want it all
They are robber barons, Corporate thieves
Bribe takers, Supporters of inequality

O misery! Why do you hurt us!
What more must you take?
You are the slashes on the wrist
The whole bottle of pills
The bag over the head
The gently swaying noose

O misery! No matter what we claim
You are a part of our brave new world
Destroying, contaminating, mentally damaging
All this and more, you make it so enticing
Eating us up inside, leaving a blackened soul
Why must this go on? Why such a fiendish cycle?
Oh misery! Why must you run us against the ground
till there's nothing left?

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Poem Submitted: Friday, June 1, 2012

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