Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Sean - Poem by Justin Reamer

Dear brother,
How I love you so,
For I am so glad that you are in
A better mood than you were
Once long ago.

I am sorry about what our father
Did to you,
For I can relate to you,
For I know what he did to me,
And I am sorry about
The anger you felt for so long.

You seem a lot happier now,
Dear brother,
For I am happy
That you are happy
And that this house
Can be peaceful once again.

I am also happy that
You have become more appreciative,
After Philmont
And you realised what you had,
And you realised what you were missing,
And that you do not take anything for granted.

I am happy that
You are happy to be who
You are,
And that you are a more
Cheerful person,
And more of an optimist,
Than what you were long ago.

Dear brother,
I am glad you are
Not doing immoral things
In high school,
Such as cheating,
And lying,
And other things,
And that you are now giving your
Best effort.

I am glad that you
Are doing better
Than what you once did,
For you can do great things.

I hope you do well
In high school,
Dear brother,
And I hope you do well
In everything you do.

I know you want to be
An orthopaedic surgeon,
And it will suit you well,
Once you work towards it.

You can go to U-M,
If you work really hard,
And if you do well
In your AP classes,
Dear brother,
You can work off
Your freshman
Core classes,
And you can go on
And earn your
Bachelor's and Master's Degree
In college,
Just like your older sister did.

You do not have to be valedictorian,
Nor a salutatorian,
But as long as you get that 3.8
Or 3.9
That you really want,
You can get to U-M,
And be in Ann Arbour
In a heartbeat,
For you can do great things.

Apply with pride,
For you know you did well,
And the Board will notice you,
And you will be a Wolverine
Before you know it.

Brother, you can work hard
In college,
And you can get a Bachelour's Degree
And a Master's Degree
In college,
Just like your sister did.

Then you can go into med school,
Whether it be at U-M,
Michigan State University,
Wayne State University,
Or even Princeton,
And you can do extremely well,
Because I believe in you,
Dear brother,
And you can get that white coat,
And get your stethoscope,
Just like your sister did.

Dear brother,
I know you can take the Hippocratic Oath,
And take med school seriously,
And become a great surgeon,
And I know you would love your patients dearly,
For you will become a great man,
But all you have to do is work hard,
And do not get discouraged,
For that will bring you down
To the Ground.

I know you can do it well,
Dear brother,
And I hope you do well with life,
For I wish you the best of luck.

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