Sravani Ramachandran

Searching.. - Poem by Sravani Ramachandran

For some time now, she was searching,
For what, she didn't seem to know.
Perhaps it was answers for questions,
Which had crept up quite some time ago?

To fathom this search, she tried hard,
But her efforts seemed to be all in vain.
When you are not certain of what you are looking for
Everything becomes difficult to ascertain.

How would she rebuild herself after the fall?
What was needed to keep her going?
How should she embrace the change?
And everything else that life was now showing?

What was it that she needed - care, support, job, money or mobility?
She wasn't sure what would help her in getting the much needed tranquility.
To prioritize the wants was a challenge and she had failed at it in the past.
But she knew that she had to do it soon before she would get all downcast.

Then again, she didn't know how to go about the quest, where did she have to begin
Should she reach out to someone or should it all begin from within?
Should she look out for someone who would be her savior?
Or handle it all by herself and bask in the isolated grandeur?

When would she get answers to all her questions? About that she didn't seem to know.
And so she considered being content with the Status Quo.
Instead of crying out for things which she thought that life had denied
She would rather push herself to do what she wanted; at least she would know she had tried.

She wasn't sure if, to go about things this was the best way
But she realized with this, she could be assured of some fair play.
Life may not always be what we expect; many question marks at us it would throw
Sometimes we ought to search for the answers and some times, just go with the flow!

Topic(s) of this poem: life, lifespan

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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