Season Of Winter Poem by Quinn Graw

Season Of Winter

Looking out the kitchen window
setting my eyes upon today's winter
the unharvested stubble still peeks through the snow
drifting upon the fence posts.
Time to be thankful for God's beauty
His creative genius shining bright neon lights
if we take the time
to gaze upon the undisturbed snowy fields.
The season of winter
with cold temperatures, freezing rain and blizzards
has its own special challenges
that we often grumble about
being like boxed up lizards
we feel like we are crumbling.
Bare trees, monotonous snow fields, hibernation instead
winter seems to be demeaning
but it is a season of renewal meaning.
In rejuvenating thus spring can bloom.
there has to be room
out with the old
in with the new spring clues.
Now and again, life has a season of winter
today most of us are sharing.
A season of testing; a season of resting
the coronavirus wave has yet to be cresting.
The longer the winter night stays
the longer the dreams of spring will blossom and grow
for this season of winter
will pass away
in the strength of the currents of time.

Saturday, April 25, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: winter
Quinn Graw

Quinn Graw

Manning, Alberta, Canada
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