Outdoor Time Poem by Quinn Graw

Outdoor Time

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Walk down the trail
the seeder and the tractor
starting to move without fail.
Half an hour
walking in the sunshine
on this perfect May afternoon.
Pleasant for the birds and the raccoons
sitting in the two o'clock shade
the trees block the sunshine rays.
Three hour tour
to stay outside
away from the computer
away from the dungeon.
Recognize the sunny facts
our society changed just like that.
The breezes calm me down
on a near perfect Thursday afternoon.
May the peace of May
overcome the turbulence of August
the second wave will come
more fear mongering
clustered alone without belonging.
Never mind that
just enjoy the prison
I mean the sunshine
from your deck.
No more routines
will you eat some poutine?
Enjoy the fresh and bright
for in the light
The Prisoner comes to life on air
are we all a number?
go asleep and be like a log of lumber.
The fresh, invisible bars
can almost be seen
by driving all thoughts about being planned
on a pleasant May afternoon.
Now it is almost June
we're all growing stomach balloons
nary I still cannot carry a tune.
Have a good day now
one hour outdoors wow
go to town soon
get a jigsaw puzzle
do not try to muzzle
the creative mood
or stifle the urge
to eat a favourite food.
From the chirping birds
indulging at the feeder
this is the middle
of the sunny May afternoon.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: nature,nature walks
Varsha M 04 June 2020

Indeed as poet every event is memorable to be preserved. Outdoor time is a perfect paint of a quarentined soul for whom world outside is awesome gold. Well penned sir.

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Susan Williams 04 June 2020

I enjoyed your nature walk and your escape from prison! ! ! 10+

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Quinn Graw

Quinn Graw

Manning, Alberta, Canada
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