Bucking BigBrother

Second Scientific Discovery

Pushing seven and a hard hit car crash driving over me
Pulling me under the cage frame
I still remember waking up and thinking
Where the hell am I?
I still see the white coats exploring over me
Choosing which vein to pump the alien DNA into
When I cried like a baby they just called in the nurse
Had her give me a sudden burst of Demerol

Now I’m out here walking a tight rope of experience
Thinking that if I go farther than what they expected of me
They might just cut me off and take away the keys
Not let me turn the engine get started in the morning
I still see the face of my heritage beaming inside of me
Let me tell you something he don’t look like Jesus he could never be
He's me and me alone I have to face down me and no other god or bible
But somehow I understand Jesus better than the abusers of his name calling
The ones that plant churches on the corners of America
I’m telling you to include everything that makes a difference
Just leave that religion in the gutter
Kick it back to where it came from
There's nothing there for us believe me even if you don't want too
Now this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you
But it's gotta be done if you wanna run in freedom

Somehow with all the truth abounding surrounding us in front of us
The lies are so easy to believe
I'm just a test monkey developing slowly but evolving so fast that I can see
The black and white before me
The good and evil that they say we need to exist with
To co-exist with like a story from some crime drama scripted in Hollywood
Like we need to have a criminal to pursue to call the enemy
Someone that we can point the gun at make fun at
Put the pressure on the trigger to come back to us
Now it's simple stuff we are killers and guess what?
It's who we are who we've been who we'll always be

But I feel better now that I can see
The experience that the alpha-alien chose to inject in me
So I’m moving through figuring out shit faster than you could ever think
With your wrist cuffed to the human factor and your motivating greed
I’m feeling OK knowing nothing I say will ever make sense to you anyway
That's just the way it is I can't expect my explanation to change the way it is
Let me tell you I know the way it is even if you don't want to tune it in
You’re the start of an experiment one you can't come to terms with
You’re the end on the discontinued page of the second scientific discovery

Take a look at me now and ask yourself the big question how!
Why I’m still alive why I can see the truth that you can never get close too?

Poem Submitted: Saturday, June 9, 2007
Poem Edited: Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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