Shernay Belt

Secondary Institution - Poem by Shernay Belt

I started FRESH man

Wearing my heart on top of my chest and

Waiting for someone to come and save me from the rest land

Loneliness island

I was looking for someone to love me

But in my times of sealed lips and skinny hips

I wasn't lovely

And just when I thought I couldn't be SOFT more

I let my first love walk out

Opening new doors

To a heart that met me thirteen hours and a full moon away

Happiness exploded and left me no words to say

Until anger embedded itself in his love

He felt no remorse for me

Pain was overwhelming, and I was forced to leave

Right before my birthday

Sometime in JUNE, your...

Recognition of my importance came late

Had me looking for a hero

All of them, I made wait

Holding off for you, but you never came...

Flirting crafted easy for me

Natural charm

But this one I saw potential in his arms

I could feel he was lonely too...

Had me doing something timidness wouldn't allot me to do

Yearning for his attention, in full pursuit

You should have SEEN her

Better yet to have seen him

Craving for my lips, my touch and then...

I guess I came too close to his soul

Before we met again, he let me go...

Implosions in my chest, so I knew it was love

Couldn't cry long, by now I had enough

My battle lasted briefly, until he found me

Quirky, I thought I found a grounding

He stole everything I stood for

And spent my morals

Stood high on a pedestal

But now I stand lower...

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, May 17, 2012

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