Secrets Of My Love Poem by Lovita Morang

Secrets Of My Love

Rating: 2.7

why love and blindfold your mind
you suffer and see yourself
for I have suffered and seen myself
for my few good friends have suffered and seen themselves

for we have different eyes
for if I see green you see red

but everything is simple, black and white

we need to talk of a vision
for I want you
to be a warrior not mere struggler

then only you can LOVE
this is the secret of love

why love and blindfold your mind
for you need to see this vision
let the eyes have all the beautiful dream
for only mind can envision

vision is in the mind
pure-mind can see pure things
see through your mind and tell me what did you see

kissing and being with you is not love
If I cannot make you
If you cannot make me see these wonders

if you want to smell the flower
I may tell you how it smells
But I cannot smell for you

Do not miss the fragrance…
If you have sense
you can smell fragrance in everything

otherside of greater love is

I have great things to tell you
I will tell you

But do not forget to have VISION

You create these great things from every little things
And tell me
Teach me the magic too

See! the whole world will be YOURS
Forgive me my love if my love is no love
For I know love this way to love you

This is love…

Otherwise you shall rot and rust
Like the piece of iron on dust

Though the truth is
Oneday we all shall be this dust

But when we are living we have to love

This is the secret of love
If you are ready to believe

For noone has started yet
Because the wars are still on…

Try to fly and bring back a soul that is so free from shackles
Of human complexities…for I love you…

You shall see the endlessness
Or this will be the end

Lovita Morang

Lovita Morang

Arunachal, Assam, india
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