Secularism Set On Pyre - Poem by JEM JAN

Secularism set on pyre

O cradle of many religions
O Nation of great traditions
Your beauty splendours the skys
World speaks your fame so high
Your strengths are bounty
That demands your county
Your land in diversity
Peace stands in unity

Hail! O India!
Your Conscience and tolerance
Are your strengths so might
Sail O India!
Your Democracy and Pluralism
Are your rights so bright

O India our Nation!
We are proud to be Indians
We are one in your arms
We enjoyed secularism
O land of our wisdom

Democracy is our birth right
Should be in powerful height
India a secular state is a constitution
Duty to stand by that is our determination

On a fine new day morning
When it is calm and dawning
On the zero hour of the day calling
Dilshad garden church smoke warning

O Divine presence
Ever blessing’s essence
Birth or burial
Confirmation or confession
Sheltered in your palms
Singing Thy holy psalms

There winged the communal fire
Burnt your church in violent dire
Setting secularism on pyre
O alas the destruction!
Horrid pain of abscission!
Deliberate attack was it?
Blaze kindled hatred was it?

O heartless brute!
O Narcisst Hitler!
O the brutal burning of Graham Staines!
Is still echoing horrible pains!
O Kandamal!
you profaned the nuns
Turn back and see the puns
Who spread the word of God
Look shame your stained sword

Your strength is weakened now
Nuclear bomb is strengthened how
Practicing faith cries for justice
Clean India your mundane rubbish
You were praised for your variety
Multi state Religion creed as surety
Who allowed this evil to enter?
Into this Eden garden in winter?
To divide your people in religion
Into the reign of multi region
Secular policy a freedom of our Nation
Hindutva, Gharwapsi the cancer motion

You are not free now
Bound by the giant how
Arise! O heirs of India!
With an awakening spirit Himalaya!
We grow in science and technology
Rationalism stays behind as allergy

Join hands, O Indians!
Feel your friends’ emotions
Lead by your heart, O brethren!
Enlighten your mind with sovereign!
Land known for different cultures
Spread no prey for the dreadful vultures

Respect for pluralism
Democracy not fascism
Will secularism become a dream?
Remain on paper to scream?
One India, One Religion mantra
Sure destroy the uniqueness sutra
Uniqueness of diversity is our land
Save secularism in unity as a band.


Topic(s) of this poem: religions

Form: Syllabic Verse

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, December 6, 2015

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