Jackie Allen

Seeking A Place Of Peace - Poem by Jackie Allen

A brisk wind is blowing
through layers of leaves
and drifting
through the pages of its breeze
are winged feet
and three strangers who dance
amongst, between and beneath the trees,
they gently clasping hands, daring to dream
dreams of solidarity.

Singing songs of hope, of faith,
of prosperity,
they bare naked their souls,
their heavy hearts
pierced by the acrid soil
of a grieving people
whose need of nourishment
and care requires love’s balm,
its passion, its empathy.

Within seeds of hope
and expectation’s greed,
they pray the sun’s bright light
to empower them;
and, from a nation’s many tears
that hearts might soften
and from desire, its people will choose
to do their part in seeking out a seat
in the promised land.

May the winds of peace
find an unwavering path
through the layers of time,
may the emerging seeds
of honor, respect and love, lift high
the brave flag and may its emblems,
representing freedom of speech,
love and mercy, forever replace
evil’s disgraceful face.

Pray for gardens scraped bare
of crime, of poverty; pray we all,
that life’s needs be met; that living,
loving, accepting and embracing
the garden of peace, each breath may be
as health’s wealth; pray we become friends
like the three dancing between, beneath,
and amongst the trees of peace.

Topic(s) of this poem: peace

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