Jackie Allen

Self Portrait - Poem by Jackie Allen

From all of the  colors, which ones will I 
Use to paint my likeness, my self portrait~
The colors of kindness, of loyalty,
The colors of forgiveness, of great love,
Or, will I paint in self indulgent shades?

From which of my most pronounced attributes 
Will character evolve as true likeness?
Will my pose be dark or cheery, a face
Transparent or concealed behind deceit?
Does it matter which colors will be used?

Within the framework of my humanness,  
There exists traits, both the good and the bad,
Some highlighted by notoriety
Some hidden, like secrets in a diary,
Waiting, praying that they’ve been forgiven.

A book by its cover, I should not judge.
Yet, why then do I, with my self portraits
Discard some images as unworthy?
Am I ashamed to face mirror’s disgrace,
Deny the extent of my vanity?

I peruse the contents of bo34oks, so too,
The illustrations and ask of myself,  
Is there a price to pay in the painting
Of a self portrait?  And, if there is, what price
Need I pay to paint each and every day?

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 16, 2013

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