Serial Lover Poem by Celia AmanteaSchulz

Serial Lover

Well what do you say to the woman
You meet for the first time that your recent affair partner is interested in.

'He's a good guy.' I say. Is this reassurance that he isn't a bad guy? What makes a guy good?
You are pretty sure he isn't a serial killer. At least not in the years you've known him.

'He's lived in the city for for 28's a good sign he stays out of trouble, right? '

'Oh! What kind of trouble? '

'Any kind you don't want! '

'Well I don't know about that! ...maybe I should give you my number! '

Now what? He's a nice guy but now I'm shedding big doubt? What is wrong with me?

I can't be honest.

They say to you... never let it be known
That an ounce of jealousy should
Poison your tongue
Be you speak to a potential
Victim...oh did I say victim?

I guess I did

But someone needs to take care of this man...and better her than

He IS a serial killer! He will kill you with his love!

'He needs someone', I say..
you see what happens when I don't think before I speak....Does that make someone sound like a lost puppy?

I don't think anything I could have said or not

...will make any difference

Once he has her.

She will be hooked
....and he knows that. No matter what he says or I is her fate.

Thursday, March 10, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: fate,life,love
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