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You can not revoke MY memories,
THEY sit and nestle where I like them to be.
I LOVED the sweet writer poet
I feared the BEAST.


What happened to me?
Maybe there was never a me.

There was only what my friends

What is it I am looking for
Never wanting to lose
Someone who that I loved

What gives us inspiration
People in our lives
That have dreams

I have illusions
I feel I can have what I want
I am using people

Migrant workers..
From Texas to Wisconsin
Fifty years ago..

Did you ever think
That you would be
Loved so dear
By someone who

Stalker of love.

You stalked my love
I stalked you back.

I didn't need you when I met you
I just wanted to meet you

I thought I might need you for a little while

Said good bye to a man
Leaving with another man with a beard

I said I stayed with man #2

So, I really like the stock market.
I buy low and sell a little higher...
at least that's the concept.

I Have to keep it light

If it is more than that

I love my memories of you

The good...and the bad.

A warm sunny bright fall day

Several years ago

You said

You asked - Why do you like me so much?

The love of my life
The one who holds half my heart
And most of my soul
Has a new girlfriend

The words your tongue forms
And explode from the space
between your two lips

I can be a big fish
in a little pond.
Or you know how the saying goes a
little fish in a big pond.

Well what do you say to the woman
You meet for the first time that your recent affair partner is interested in.

'He's a good guy.' I say. Is this reassurance that he isn't a bad guy? What makes a guy good?

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From: C
Sent: Thu 7/16/00 4: 10
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The sun was warm
on my shoulders

I felt that warmth

a slight burn...but
not too hot

like when sunning
on a towel after

on a perfect summer

Today I was
reminded of the

we met in Delavan.

A simple thing like
sunshine on my

and a slight breeze
can hold me

Life around me
pauses while I try to

taste the thought. I
am getting better at
its flavour.

It is bittersweet.

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