Seven For Seven Poem by Damilola Adeogun

Seven For Seven

Seven seasons of plenty, Seven seasons of famine

Times and seasons happen to all,
Very few understand the dynamics of times and seasons,
Or know when it's time to save up or strive hard,
Always thinking tomorrow is guaranteed.
Or save up from investments made because
For the days of famine, they shall eat plenty.

The holy book talks about times and seasons in the old and new testament,
And same applies across generations.
When the store house is open, it won't be free anymore.
Easy access to opportunities available to you today,
Taken for granted would cost time, energy and sacrifice
in the days when one is stricken old.

Serena Williams retired recently and she was honored.
From childhood, she strived hard through proper training and determination,
She made a name for herself, she became a brand herself,
with so many endorsements through lawn tennis and other branded goods.
What most don't see and can't comprehend
and very few see and understand is the fact that
she had full control of times and seasons.

Money made from the tennis games and endorsement deals
were poured into other sectors, herself, her sisters and family also
Same applies to other stars and well-know people in sports, music and other fields
Her days of famine (when she no longer can play actively or compete) ,
She has enough stored up for her.. no matter the season that comes her way.

Do you have a store house?
Do you know what to store up?
What skills do you have now that can make you eat plenty during drought season?

There would always be another generation

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