Jay P Narain

Freshman - 557 Points (Jan.1945 / Bihar, India)

Seven Sins - Poem by Jay P Narain

I wonder about my arrival in this world,
was that a sin on my part?
I was scared, I was crying,
I was stepping in this strange world.

As I grew up from my innocent childhood,
I realized the meaning of sin for the first time,
when I committed an act against my conscience.

We were taught to take pride in ourselves,
to enhance our self confidence,
then how come Pride is a cardinal sin?
When I indulge in vanity,
when I think I am better than others,
when I step on someone's pride,
then I am breaking my own humility,
then my virtuous Pride has really become a sin.

Jealousy comes to my mind,
when I see someone richer than me,
when I see my coworker getting preference over me,
I realize that I am hindering the good of others for their sake,
The Envy has taken over me and my conscience.

When things don't go my way,
when I have run out of patience and compassion,
I am Angry like hell,
I am committing a deadly sin,
I need a dose of love and kindness to sooth my soul.

When I get lazy and expect my destiny to bring me riches,
when I forget my right to karma(work) and not to its results,
when I drift into complacency to my spiritual needs,
I have become a Sloth and lost the zeal of my life.

I would love to be a generous person,
I would love to praise and commend on others achievements,
I would love to help others without any return expectations,
but my heart wants its own share of recognition or more,
my earthly desires and temptations overtake my generosity,
I am overtaken by the sinful feeling of Greed.

Why should I eat only the regular burger and fries,
when I can super size it for a few more pennies,
Why I only go to a party to only enjoy company,
why not I get drunk to have the best of good times,
there should not be any limits to my pleasures,
as I have been overtaken by my sinful sense of Gluttony.

When I see a pretty woman,
My mind goes into the wild dreams of romance,
When I get a drive to gain more power,
I try to enhance my ego's image.
Lust has overtaken my self control,
it is suffocating my soul with pleasures.

I wonder whether the death will be my last sin,
I will be leaving all the loved ones,
it will be a natural act against my earthly wishes.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 6, 2006

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