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When you smile,
You create a language of intimate interaction,

When you smile,

More than half a century ago,
the Monsoon showers had just brought relief from the sweltering summer,
just when I was dreaming of playing soccer whole day outdoors,
My Dad decided that I have to attend an elementary school.


What is hope, ask a bee in cold winter days,
she hangs around the pruned rose bushes,
with the hope that someday the spring will come,
and the flowers will bloom again in the garden.

It's the hour of the graduation,
hope soars beyond imagination,
The hard work and sleepless nights,
are only the memories of the bygone days.

Let us spend a few moments together,
the holidays won’t last for ever,
the promises we made to finish up the house chores,
will be our New Year's resolution for the next year.

She came in my dreams last night,
She left a yellow rose and a love note on pillow next to me,
As always the inscription read,
'we are friends for ever and in the eternity'.

It’s the end of summer,
the sweltering heat,
makes human sweat in the night,
and makes the plants and trees,

Once the friends we were,
We laughed together, we cried together,
We played together, we dreamt together,
We enjoyed good times together, we overcame the bad times together.

Remember when I would offer you a rose,
you would consider it as the precious gift of love,
When you would smell the rose and fondly smile,
I would be intoxicated with the sweet fragrance of your love.

When I am happy,
bustling with successes in life,
When my dreams are fulfiiled,
with love and riches I desired,


I have a dream,
A dream of escaping the tangled web of loneliness,
A dream of flying high with joy and happiness,
A dream which prevails in my mind,

The angels live in heaven,
Bringing the peace to the world,
Sometimes one get stranded,
As she wants to share the suffering in the world.

The cyberspace has opened many new avenues,
You click here and there and find what you want,
Here I find an instant friend thousands of miles away,
her handle ID is different than her real name,

I cry, cry and cry,
I hope the crying will relieve me of my painful sorrow,
but I can not feel tear drops rolling on my cheeks,
my heart is crying but the tears are drying inside me.

In my thoughts and in my imagination,
the true meaning of love is beyond my comprehension,
The mysterious aura of moonlit starry nights,
makes my heart yearn for the essence of love.

ek kavita likhne baitha hoon,
jo aah pahle kavita ki ladi hoti thi,
woh dil me itni gahari ho gayi hai,
ki ab labon aur kalam pe aati hi nahi.

When you were close to me,
We walked and breathed as a single soul,
Mutual love and affection was in our hearts,
Your smile and your presence made my days.

Love - what is love?
Dreaming of impossible dreams,
Falling in love with love itself,
Endless desire of being with someone,


Loneliness has many forms,
My loneliness is,
like a flickering candle,
in an empty home.

The pain of loneliness fettered me for a while,
I felt like a wandering blind man looking for sunshine,
I saw the pain of leaves departing from trees in the chilly fall nights,
I heard the murmur of rain drops falling from the dark menacing clouds.

Jay P Narain Biography

Born and raised in India, I have been in US since 1965. I started to write poems at the age of 61. I love writing on love, nature and spiritual topics. Hopefully I would contribute a little.)

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Smile For Me

When you smile,
You create a language of intimate interaction,

When you smile,
You send an instant message of heart to heart communication.

When you smile,
You create a dream world of happiness,

When you smile,
The whole world smiles with you,

When you smile,
The despair and troubles seem so far away,

When you smile,
The hope and cheers seem only a stone’s throw away.

When you smile,
My heart gets the will to survive in distress,

When you smile,
My mind gets the power to overcome all the hurdles.

When you smile,
My heart belongs to you,

when you smile,
The whole world belongs to you.

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Nakisha 12 February 2018

We are not all the same

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