Russell Crow

Silver Star - 3,325 Points (May 25th,1995)

Seventeen Hours - Poem by Russell Crow

I have uncovered something of importance
Well importance of me
I admit
my attention has been shared
my attention has been stolen, distracted
but my public
you already know the details
but my public
you already know the stories
yet I call you here today
to discuss
what I uncovered
brushed the dust off of
this blue tinted booklet
Scarlett Jade spent 17 precious hours of her life
for me
this blue tinted booklet
Scarlett Jade spent two precious days
making in memory of me
making so I have some part of her
to keep upon me at all times
Well maybe I've been neglectful
well maybe I've my head in sand
and my hand in boiling oil
for it seems I am attracted to the desire and disaster of pain
instead of the calm and collecting comfort
I guess I am a bit crazy
but to why is it Scarlett Jade
must profess she loves me
but to why is it Scarlett Jade
she can see through my defenses
like I'm transparent
but to why is it Scarlett Jade
must be an episode in my soap opera
an actress to my leading actor
a make believe princess to my fairytale prince
Be not mistaken
I have dreamed of being with her in a forever after
excuse me for my alternate dimension sequence
I guess for reality kicking in
that I always persist and never desist from what I cannot have
I flipped through her booklet again
a pamphlet of a multitude of parts of my personality
intertwined with hers
Well I can say I'm speechless
for I speak words of nonsense
for I speak words of inconsistency
I was amazed when I saw it first
I was amazed when I saw flipped through the pages
saw my fairytale heroes depicted from movies
in hand in hand with twixt the ones they loved
but I let false hopes rise to peaks
for I pictured that was me and...
Well can you really blame me for wishing
No...but I must admit I sound like a record
played upon repeat
but I must admit
I cannot change face
cannot rearrange my programming
for I have no wires
just tendons and ligaments
I am a human
a human lost in the stars
and pools of Emerald
I am nothing
Scarlett Jade
well she is a queen in my imagination
Elegant, classy, tasteful, deceptive but intuitive
so what am I
well to be named for another day
for I now sign off
before I confuse myself any further
before I ramble on about a train of thought I already lost
before I let my imagination whisk me to a wonderland
my alternate dimension
where Scarlett Jade are within her pages
tarzan and Jane
Aladdin and Jasmine
for she is my princess
and I'm well, I'm just a peasant awaiting to be her prince

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