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Marry You, Marry Me - Poem by Crow thepoet

...and it's you I see in my dreams
and it's you haunting me into a silent smile
I could shout and voice my misery, hide behind my vacant madness
but it could never shade the fact: I'm in love with you...
It's been four years and another one is slowly on it's way
the months and days fade like leaves in winter, I've lost track of it all
but I try my best to remember since it's the day you walked proudly into my life
And I admit back then, I was a little less of the man who adores you today
I was just naive, not in a rush to go anywhere or grow up
my viewpoints on things I've never dwelled upon
were mistaken, mishapen, tainted
I was being force-fed lies and handed on a silver platter to carelessness and danger
but I admit, something's changed in me
is it you, have you changed me
You are the attraction of these stormy and glossy eyes
the holder of my heart, my forever and always, the angel wings carrying me
I believe it, I see it, I know it everytime I look in your eyes
you're changing me, you're changing me
Was it just a year ago, a proposal was already set in place
before these precious five months gave way to spark a blooming love
My reality as fragile as it seemed, blossomed
I'm just glad I can turn a simple wish to marry you
into a mission, a purpose
only if you choose to marry me
I guess cupid caught me before I fell forever again
because I'm back to my second home out of the universe
Cloud 9
but it's too cliche, so Cloud 21 be my bride
I've never felt this high before, so in love, a life-like fantasy
I don't want to escape, don't want to rum
this way I feel with you...have I finally won
above the starry sky I see tonight, where eagles have flown
staring within your eyes, loving our moment every second
I know this place is paradise, a place I wish to call home
I wish life was as simple as our love could be
but sometimes it gets complicated
because I can't escape walking down these halls
no walls to contain the memory of you in which I fall
I find myself in envy of the couples parading in front of me
not out of jealousy, just longing for your warmth
and sweet perfumes of incense to reach me
I promised you forever, said I'd give you my heart on a string
maybe a ring to match
I meant every word and I'm not going back on it now
if I had a voice meant to sing, I'd sing
'I think about your face and how I fall into your eyes
the outline that I trace around the one that I call mine'
Trapt, I can't thank you enough for the Echo in my mind
for she's the Echo who transformed my eyes into butterflies
landing in her hands....
Can you truly blame me, she calls me her everything
so what is she to me
Everything in the world, everything in the world...
more than a moment, a joyful expression just to sink within

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