Mohammed Nazeef

Rookie (Tamale, Ghana)

Shattered Dreams - Poem by Mohammed Nazeef

He was a lad, one whom was bright.
Born in the corn fields with a transfixed first sight.
Still, rigidly locked unto the sky.
As years renewed, but for night cometh, he'd admire the birds fly.
How alluring to him, the fashion of their flight.
Thereupon He fell in love, always passionately flying a kite.
Under the harsh sun rays, behind fences, there he stood waiting to steal a glance.
At airplanes hurryng off the runway, springing into turbulence.
Verily, it inscribed a smile on a young fresh visage.
A dream dreamt long to sit behind the cockpit of a flying machine.
'At the least, i shoud afford a joyride behind a passenger seat' he wished.
To soar high, amongst the floridly adorned clouds.
Afloat, riding the turbulence and focusing his gaze at the beauty of nature crafted by God.
But, at a second thought, the ambition would always stall.
And he plummeted from his aspirations.
Despair loomed, patiently snatching remnants of hope.
The broad smile that once brightened evaporated and left gloom.
His dreams were shattered; nay, it was no fault of the young lad.
Father and mother hassled to provide sustenance.
In penury, the family were denizens.
How would he make it to flight school?
or the least, a plane ticket but by God?
A that trice, impossible was a feeling well understood than word.
His dreams rendered aphotic.
But I reckon, the world could have kidnled a torch.
To illuminate the path of his dream to success.
Many chaps today wear the same shoes.
And yea, someone can kindle a torch, and make their dreams a reality...
...Be a hero, wake someone up and help make their dream a reality.!

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 22, 2011

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