cody leavitt

She Will Only Exist Once

I love her
there is only one
she is pretty
even pulchritudinous
no imperfections
shapely divine
fair and pretty are insults to her,
to her statuesque and splendiferous form
her voice is even aesthetical
the way she walks is delightful
the way she speaks is so peaceful
her gaze is ever so blissful
her courage is zestful
her smile is genuine and sincere
her face twinkles like the sky
her skin is unctuous
her breath is genial
the way she judges is respectable
her essence is warmhearted
her vivacious ebullience is from her abundance of affection
her devotion is unparalleled
her laugh brings out ardency
her amity is benevolent
her intelligence is profound
her gratification is rather gleeful
her stance is coruscating
her posture is scintillating
the way she listens is unfeigned and tender
all the way to her skin growth
is resplendent
she breathes amorously
her upbeat intoxicated mood,
no matter what grim circumstances,
is always chirpy
caus ing anyone to become lively and mirthful with her
nothing can alter her convivial hearty passionate attitude
nothing can diminish her elated, exultant, and cordial feelings
all around she is facund
she is fully beautified
anymore additions to her magnificently fabricated figure
and eyes would explode
anymore annexations to her pleasant aroma
and ears would collapse
it is clearly unconceivable if she could blossom any more
since her voice is comely
one does not have to be sensuous to see the picturesqueness of this lady
she is well mellifluous and eloquent and euphonious and dulcet
causing felicitous captivation and cheerfullness in all our hearts
altogether harmonious
a singular quaint sweetheart
whose existence is but once in a lifetime
her determination and endurance know no bounds
she is the princess of aesthetics
the ambrosial queen enchantress
a goddess only comparable to Venus
more than exquisite
more than unique
and way past recherche
my dainty mincing twee ethereal empyrean
and this is still a blasphemy to my seraphic lover
she is cherubic
she is rapturous
she is beatific
and is still over amatorious
over passionate
over languishing
simple terms like sexy and hot
pay little homage to this girls exuberant extravagant existence
almost to point of salaciousness
coquettishness lasciviousness libidinousness lubriciousness
but alas!
this is unintentional for this radiant beauty
is too much for mere mortal morsels
just a scant touch of her
would cause the undefiled person to become prurient to this girl
her soul is crystalline
pelluc id
the most flawless in His eyes
nothing can dilute her unadulterated spirit
this girl doesn't need to be flirtatious, titillating, or provocative
because her aura is very much redolent and lustrous and lambend
let alone incandescent fulgent luminous
all the way down to the simplest molecule is sparkling and splendid
she doesn't have to try to be dazzling and glistening
glinting in the darkest of atmospheres
her intentions are virtuous
she is so cuddly
the very name of her is almost orgasmic
she is not rare because she is exclusive
the secret to her elegance may be tenebrous
but her allure is most strikingly unmistakable
the living incarnation of a dream
she is true perfection
her true attractiveness is indescribable
a treasure the gods
her winsome charm is unmatched
she is sweeter then the purest sugar
she is cuter then a baby
gorgeous beyond belief
appealing to the most unsavory of humans
if she were a food
she would be the pinnacle of delectable scrumptious appetizing cuisine imaginable
she is reminiscent unwillfully
yes she might be aphrodisiacal but that does not make her risque
her presence is more welcoming then Elysium
one word to describe her would be scrumtralecent
she is my suave captivating darling
she is more then a angel to me
she is Ruby.

Poem Submitted: Friday, July 20, 2007
Poem Edited: Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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