Sheep In Uniform Poem by Shirley Harrison

Sheep In Uniform

I can't believe one man decides my fate
choosing how it's done
a moustache perfectly formed on his top lip

'I would have liked to rip it off
knowing he would suffer
even a second's slight pain
would have been worth it'

Standing straight, beaming smile
as if offering tickets
to the merry go round
I never saw anyone come off though

Dedicated sheep in uniform
I feel sick
fortunately stomach empty
there's a lot to be said for my starvation today

It's the badge they wear, I hate most
although the long black sleek polished boot's
also intimidating

The sheep have no thought for life
although they don't like fire themselves

their faces told me
they enjoyed the very vision of us though

I imagined for a second
what it would feel like
if I pushed one in
I already know he will be odorless
'evil doesn't smell'
where's the fun in that?

My sister already taken
my heart now marble anyway
legs no longer have feeling
terror has paralyzed them

I'm so glad
paralysis being my only friend
I feel nothing
the pushing and shoving
doesn't scare me
I'm not scared
I promise, no point
the more I shiver
laughter from the sheep gets louder

I'm ready
let them throw me into the fire
I'll be free from this hell
smell of burning hair
odor of sister's skin being cooked
screams unforgettable

Even when I'm sleeping forever
I will hear them
I do hope someone finds my
drawing one day?

I left it in camp
It wouldn't be hard to find
a drawing of my house
my sister and I

A swing in the garden
painted blue like the sky
I drew a bright yellow sun too

Oh, and not to forget
my darling pet dog
a beautiful border collie
​​​I had to draw him in too

So at least I can die knowing
he will eventually catch those evil sheep
and their wolf.

Sheep In Uniform
Wednesday, June 5, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: history,madness,war,cruelty,survival,reality
A Poet's Reflection, on what I saw in the Jewish Museum Prague, a drawing by an innocent child, who didn't get to share it with the world.
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