sean struhar

Signs - Poem by sean struhar

sign after sign came, I ignored them all
the time has finally come, time to fall
I don't believe in god, don't pray for me
you won't miss me, just wait and see
I'm worthless, go ahead and talk your shit
you say you're hurting, but I'm the one to take the hit
I promised not to cry, but I can't take it anymore
a burden to this family, to this world I was a sore
I tried to walk away, I tried to shut the door
but always drug back, just to suffer more
and when I'm dead and gone, who will curse my name?
If it was your fault, will you feel shame?
When I'm gone from here, how much will you cry?
I'm tired of this lie, and I'm ready to die

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 20, 2012

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