Tessa Monaghan

Silence - Poem by Tessa Monaghan

silence of hope
silence of peace
silence of derams
so many beautiful things

silence of pain
silence of breaks
silence of tears
so many emotions steer

its an empty road that lays ahead
with such a large load
it seems like im dead
so much pain and deceit
so much uncertainty
so many moments of silence
all of different emotions
never act in violence
only of silent notions

in the silence
you hope and dream
cry and break
then it only seems
you only ache
all your pains and fears
surface to the top
of this pool of tears
and you realize
you just cant stop

in the silence
nothing speaks
mor cracks
exept eveything you have helt back
it cracks and crumbles
and soon breaks down
then to the ground it tumbles

silence of wishes
silence of dreams
silence of fantasies
so many things

and in an instant

silence is shattered
silence is broken
silence is silenced
for so many tears have fallen

you look back
at the lagging road behind you
see your past
where you have gone

you see yoru pains
and your joys
look at what you've gained
they think im a toy
keep looking for an answer
hoping it will show itself
but there is nothing
nothing but a trail of tears
trail of pains
all of broken silence
shattered with sobs

silence of hope
silence of pain
silence of wishes
but nothing to gain
so many deams
so many thoughts
but nothing is how it seems
just pain and tears
deceit and uncertainty.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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