Long Tooth

Simple Math - Poem by Long Tooth

It's remarkable how strong denial can be,
It appears that the wise have it right,
As a race, we prefer to love flattering liars,
(Sticking head in the sand to a 'fight.')

So we vote for our prejudice, opt not to think,
Even when facts are right in our faces,
Global warming aside, our death naps on the couch,
(While we wager our lives at the races.)

Fossil fuels are the heart of what matters the most:
Oil, gas, coal are all finite resource.
Human needs on the rise, linked to future that dies,
Expectations and wisdom divorce.

If your head is on straight, you know time's running out,
Solar power's not all that we need!
Fertilizer, clean water, what world's needing now
We respond though like rabbits: continue to breed!

It's the logic of math that spells out coming doom,
Population growth's not 'easy' trick,
Listen now (hear world sigh?) , don't want children to die,
When you vote, chose the humble, not prick!

Long Tooth
June 25,2017

Poet's Notes:
What man fails to understand and appreciate is the implication of the exponential function of math. The ENTIRE PROVEN RESERVE that the new Alaskan pipeline will only meet US needs for 2-3 months folks (if that was all that we had) and we may run out of mineable coal in 25-50 years not 500 years. If you care about the future at all, you should check out the DVD called 'Arithmetic, Population, And Energy' by Dr. Albert A Bartlett, Department of Physics, at the University of Colorado. Yes, you should be scared of both Pollyanna types and science haters in both political parties. Donald Trump is to me a clear indication of how fragile human civilization is.

Topic(s) of this poem: health, life and death

Form: Quatrain

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, June 25, 2017

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