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Waylaid After School

This new election feels like rape,
By scum and playground toughs,
With many I once thought were friends
Now cowards, powder puffs.

The Present! God's Gift To Man!

Though people may long for a present from God,
How many embrace the new day?
Instead of unwrapping what lies at their feet,
Dark memories paint a cliché

Call Me Simple

You may call me simple, but I worship God,
This world proof enough He exists,
But when you add stars, although you think me odd,
This truth's not one my heart resists.

Where Got Meaning?

Are there mornings you wake when your path isn't clear,
When the voices you care about buzz in your ear,
When the looks on coworkers' mugs fill you with fear,
When more distance seems truly much better than near,

What Do You Hear?

What Do You Hear?

Tell me what do you hear
When the Christ simply says

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Bri Edwards 08 September 2020

I think i'll take you to the dentist and have you pulled. she is female so you might like it. ;)))))))))))))

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I have chosen the name Long Tooth because it suggests that I am an older US male. A more humorous interpretation might be that my poems have bite! While I hope that you find this is true, I leave it to your judgement.

I worship an inclusive God, who cares more about what is in a man's heart than what church he attends if he goes at all, a God, w ...

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