GodBody O.G

Rookie (MArch 9th 1983 / Georgetown Guyana)

Simple Symbol-Izm - Poem by GodBody O.G

The dream Catcher watches from a distance
crouching there waiting for the instance
pounce and strike not a sound is made
just empty hopes where the dreamer laid.
At the plate a batter beats on the ground
hunger in his heart eyeing the pitchers mound
swing and hit high to the left, gone with a burst
catch and out all before he reaches first.
Everyday somewhere a seed is planted
not in a forest that is enchanted
yet it manages to grow-up healthy and strong
only to be cut down and used for log.
See everyone is in their proper places
cameras rolling, catching the actor faces
doing their best for the Oscar's glory
behind the lie is hidden the true story.
Bitter hatred born of a woman's jealousy
played to vengeance's sweetest melody
calls the name of God's newest son
telling him to pick up the gun.
In a single night two friends are made
while the rest are put in their grave
enemies walk away, not a word is spoken
because they know how easily bones are broken.
Conversations of the heart end so quickly
leaving the mind blank and the stomach sickly
though much comes from patients virtue
when time is slow much can hurt you.
A girl hides on a boat a simple stow away
when found she is just another throw away
leaving a land where she is used as a simple toy
to come to one where her body's the price of joy.
Take a pillow and put it over your face
let it take you to a special place
where the dream Catcher drops the ball
and the pitcher's bat grows strong and tall.
See the actress do her final take
win the Oscar and find out it's fake.
There is where you'll see God's newest son
Re-live the past and put down the gun.
This place holds true friends forever near
and for lovers makes the air more than clear.
Here all the throw aways are taken in
and new lives can finally begin.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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