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Simply - Poem by Kyden Wilson

It is such a powerful word and has so much meaning behind it
It has 24 Dictionary definitions
The word gets thrown around like nothing
Yet it means almost everything
Our language is constricted to one word
One word to sum it all up
One word to describe your favorite food
The same word to express immense emotion
Our mind is constricted to that one thought
We must relate those different feelings
All to one word
So in our mind, we feel the same towards food as people
A movie means the same to us as a friend
Just one simple word
That word is Love
Some take it lightly
Yet some take it seriously
It can mean so many different things
It can be used lightly and it can be used heavily
It is what describes why you wear those new socks all the time
Yet it is what holds families together
It doesn’t make sense
There is no logical reason to apply one thing to everything
Each of those Loves are different
Each one brings out different emotion
Your pet is more emotionally attached to you
Compared to a dessert item
So why do we use the same word?
The Greeks have mastered this term
Love is not one word to them
But four
Eros, Philia, Storge and Agape
Eros love is superficial
It is desire and physical fulfillment
It is the love for a girlfriend
The love for a movie
The love for a favorite food
Philia is the love for family
The love experienced in close relationships
The love used for best friends
The love towards a pet
Storge love is natural
It is the love you have no control over
The love you have for your only son
The love towards your beautiful daughter
The love that is returned towards parents
The love that God has put inside you
It is the love that creates a family
Agape love is different from them all
To me, it is the most important
Agape love is unconditional
It is true love experienced through marriage
It is the love most wish to share with “the one”
Agape love covers one more area
The love that everyone should display
And that is the love for everyone
Agape is the unconditional love for everyone
It is the love God asks us to not only understand
But to practice
It is the true love
Agape love is what love should be and mean
It is doing what is right because it is right
It is caring for random people because you love them
It is showing mercy to your enemies
It is doing what is better for your neighbor, not yourself
It is being selfless
It is understanding instead of judging
It is going out of your way to improve someone’s life
It is reaching out to the lonely
It is agape love
Agape love is something most people have lost hold of
They feel as if they are more important than others
They feel like their needs come first
Well when everyone is like that
There is no love
When you practice Agape love
You improve your community
When you take time to help others
You can be happy because others are happy
We should be able to love others
Without it feeling awkward
Love is not something that should be hidden
It should not be held inside
But it should be shared with the world
Agape love is unconditional
Agape love is powerful
Agape love is simple

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 19, 2010

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