Richard Thacker

Simply And Happily Love - Poem by Richard Thacker

Why is it that you push me so?
You push me to include in my personal reality ideas and
reasonings, that a short time ago did rest safely outside my

Why, why does your involvement with me, make me reconsider what
I believe about the people around me?
Why do I have to look at the world in an actively conscious way again-

redeciding what I will accept or reject as allowable to penetrate my vulnerablity?
Why does your presence push me to include possiblilites,
rather than disclude them?
Why does considering your views bring me to question mine?
Why must I accept concepts such as,
'average' people having validity in their view of life, even if I think their views are the product of wrong reasoning?

Why does talking with you about the world and the future bring me to
reconsider my operational motivations?
Why does opening myself to your love require that I also open the 'protected place inside me', my 'refuge' if you will- to inspection
and criticisms by you?
Why do I believe- that what you believe of your own life- has a
lasting relevance to MY life?
Why do I work to incorporate the truth of your ponderings and the
conclusions of your musings into the fabric my own
understandings? ?
Is this a reclarifying of, and a rearranging the pertinence of, the truths I pin my own musings upon, or just a tangled web of babble that loving you brings, from which I will have to extract myself from? ? ?

You bring me to question anew- and you stir deeply my musings.
You have me searching for hats that have been hanging on their
racks, dusty from nonuse.
My feeling for you has me searching for the adjectives that reflect the poetry in my soul, as my soul seeks to dance with yours.

I have reconsidered love on account of you, and have remembered its messiness, and its deep satisfactions as well.
Your presence in my life has me look to my constitution, holding in the
mirror of my mind to redress and refine it true.

To brush the hair of my own beliefs, not just for a nice
presentation to you,
but for the health of the truths that the 100 strokes of care impart.

To iron the clothing of my values, and to weed
the gardens of my dreams,
all these things are stirring in me -because I have engaged you
in LOVE..
Ours is a journey for sure that will makes us stronger in our flexiblity
of ideas.
Our journey will have us marry the benefits of different perspectives
and bring new directions to us from unexpected conclusions.
And so this morning I am exercising my muscles of love,
paddling this river of life, looking out with hope for and adoration

toward you.
I know this direction makes me fit.
I feel this direction is a Good traveling-
an adventure of life and love..

and now its time for biscuits! !

I love you.... simply and happily.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 3, 2009

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