Sinful Act Today

I asked zeal
Where is devotion?
Faithfulness is in honesty
Then i asked
Eye for it sight
Soul for it spirit
Mirror for my portrait
Religion where is the bible?
For there is a different
between truth and untruth
Realism and unrealistic
since the church is in us
Now offices are made within
reaping the poor from it boon

I asked law
Where is the true
Nations for their heads
For there is no son without father
so i grapple authority for power
Brain for knowledge
Love for peace
Lie where is conscience
for the meek shall inherit the earth
i pronounce them all 'false leaders'

I asked ignorance
where is idiot
for they shall cut of the rag
when the trumpet blows
so i asked
sleep where is dream
future for it destiny
That lay between HIS will
HE that create all sons from dust
Ye that gives head, head to think
and do right
Now i ask
Satan where is bad
For devil is ye that does evil
Then i asked
God where is good
In men that seek to know
for I AM everlasting and everlasting in you
But in madness you are on your own

I asked
patience where is courage
and i asked
Mountain where is the peak
Walk as long as you breath
Then i asked
Hope where is effort
For laziness is self destruction
Condolence to the weak
pity on ye that depends
Hero are those who seek
in search of greener pasture
For the hands of a dwarf
Can never reach the sky

Finally I ask
Where is God's image in us