Skin Stealer Poem by Shel Silverstein

Skin Stealer

Rating: 2.8

This evening I unzipped my skin
And carefully unscrewed my head,
Exactly as I always do
When I prepare myself for bed.
And while I slept a coo-coo came
As naked as could be
And put on the skin
And screwed on the head
That once belonged to me.
Now wearing my feet
He runs through the street
In a most disgraceful way.
Doin' things and sayin' things
I'd never do or say,
Ticklin' the children
And kickin' the men
And Dancin' the ladies away.
So if he makes your bright eyes cry
Or makes your poor head spin,
That scoundrel you see
Is not really me
He's the coo-coo
Who's wearing my skin.

Saarthak 07 January 2018

Such a bad poem

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uhmmm 16 March 2022

but why tho? /

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mw58poet 13 November 2017

what is the theme to this poem? ?

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Jimmy Donaldson 12 September 2022

LOL, i'll use it in my next vid 'Last one in the hamster maze wins 100,000 dollars'.

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Leslie 24 June 2020

This one scared me as a kid LOL

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your mom 11 March 2020

this poem is really good and it come to mind to help you with things also your mom is gay and sexy

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uhhufhu 15 March 2022

my mom is not gay and sexy. I AM

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The Judge 18 July 2018

This is pretty interesting. It could be about sleepwalking or dreaming or shifting the blame for what you did because you weren't acting how you usually act.

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Shh bro 10 January 2018


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