Sleep My Dear Poem by Plabita Bhaskar

Sleep My Dear

Why can't you sleep, Oh dear! poor soul.
The time wafts by, sings the dreary owl.
You saw the nightfall under the sky;
The moonlit night stood still
You cried! !
The moisten cheeks so pallid now
and lips dried out, so dearth of sleep.

What mount of dolor heaps in your heart? ?
That chokes so hard, as you struggle to sleep.
What tales of lie you meekly unfold!
Why do you veil your thoughts untold?
When God of Love brace you in charm
Where do you hide your pain sublime?
Your tryst with him is hallowed you say,
Why then is your plight arcane?

The spring did come
The love birds tweet,
You said it trickled like a bad blood stream.
The blossoms dried in a mournful sight,
The cuckoo sang a dirge polite.
Then from dusk to dawn, from daylight to night
You stared in a motionless still.
The scorching sun bathed the pains
The tumultuous storm, washed your dusty lane.
Still you weep, in voiceless bawl.
Yours tears testament the night profound.
Your weary eyes still beautiful,
Your ears that longed a soothing verse.

Sleep dear one!
You wept all night.
and sleep must come to thee.
The morbid days are here for a while
See how the Sun cajoles you with a smile.
Sleep while the rainbow leaps upon and
Love birds sing a lullaby.
Sleep dear one, you must sleep!
For you are your best friend and your worst foe! !

Friday, July 17, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: insomnia,sleep
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