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I feel your pulse,
Can read your heart,
Your eyes that meet my soul.
You walk in my dreams, in my mind,

I leap a vivacious somersault,
My heart in joy it races.
My trillion blood cells and a million goosebumps,
Wild, in horse power paces.

You gleam bright in mild fluorescence.
Like a soothing sun, on a wintry day.
Amidst the hordes of people dense,
Your face a rare fond countenance.


Get drenched, fall free
Nimbus dear...
Cleanse the dreary soul
The wind sings tales of agony

Planted life and ecstasy
An orchard beheld the core.
Vowed to live and die along
Nor would ask for more.

My mind a mini parachute,
It takes a fancy spin.
Fly me miles in the misty air,
As I gossip with the wind.


Walls of her womb,
To gently rest.
Knotted to her, by an umbilical cord.
My first breathe occurred in that tender suburb.

Eyelids shut on a summer day,
A thought wink-wink my mind.
How would I look like?
Post life ends,

When you were sitting alone
Your mind unrest
Lines strewn hard on thy forehead
Crystalline droplets your eyes that shed

My days are all so indolent.
As I stroll across the corridor,
My eyes fixed at the huge round clock.
I binge and I lull so deep.

Burning slow, I'm an incense stick,
My vestige, mere a wisp of smoke.
The flame swallows me low and slow,
Draping me down, to the pit of my soul.

A crystalline plane
Reflecting a twin figure of me
Complacent its incandescent beam
I fooled the world in camouflage

When it rains, the clouds breakfree,
The rainbow shines upon.
Dirty, filthy, oozy glum,
Washed away to none.


Trickle down slow,
No hustle, no race,
Drop down till you evanesce.

Why can't you sleep, Oh dear! poor soul.
The time wafts by, sings the dreary owl.
You saw the nightfall under the sky;
The moonlit night stood still


Your smile a mystic flamboyance,
Like a moonlit night profound.
A cosy heart that cajoles me,
Like a lyrical hallowed psalm.


Faith is a divine window,
It gleams in the depth of a soul.
When darkness spill in life's pathway
and hopes sepulchre within.

Life a mazy boulevard
Love a hallowed beam,
To rinse and bless and fondle through
Like a pristine stream.

I love the rain,
She shares my pain.
And paint the world in my blues.
A share of my grief,

Plabita Bhaskar Biography

A highland girl from the heart of North Eastern part of India, I am an Assamese girl. Pursuing Company Secretary in the Professional Level now, apart from just accounts and law, poetry and literature is like bred in the bone. An amateur in the field of literature, I endeavor to brush up my writing skills and burgeon into one of the iconic luminaries like Emily Dickinson and John Keats.)

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I feel your pulse,
Can read your heart,
Your eyes that meet my soul.
You walk in my dreams, in my mind,
Through my soul,
You are my Knight, with the shining steel.
A charming thief, how you stole my heart.
Now that my world is all 'bout you.
I conquer wars of severity
Your love that crowns me queen.
The distance aches, egos hurt,
I pray you are never mean.
Hug me till I breathe my last,
Let your arms be my shroud.
Let tiny pints of happiness
Be the harvest, that we win.
May love bloom in our garden large,
May love birds live there in.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 11 April 2016

I liked the sweet little pages of your life you have tried to code down. You have got a nice start. Keep it up. I invite you to visit my page too. Subhas

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