Slumberbashing In Diamonds Poem by Shirley Harrison

Slumberbashing In Diamonds

She really was the most magnificent picture to see
sailing the open sea with her
was all I had ever dreamed of

first class, to beyond my wildest imagination
a fantasy for so many
yet a long awaited dream come true, for me

I was on my way to meet
Henry Smith, a Gentleman
who I had been writing to, for five long years

he was the proud owner of a textile mill

from New York
his family, while quite well off
were also down to earth

let's say he was my Darling pen pal
we had never met, but he was everything to me
we had promised to share our lives together

finally, my destination belonged to our first meeting

It was no longer just a fantasy
to be on the ship that sailed
at more than 20 knots per hour

with only sea in front
nowhere to go, no land in sight
just my loving thoughts of Henry

even though today there was fog
the sun still shone through

It was the wind on my face
and my hair uncontrollable

it made me feel
I was flying like the finest seagull
proud to have wings

then the sun lost its shine
giving up its stage
to the magnificent Moons nightly performance

I remember listening to a musician playing the violin
don't know why

but it seemed special tonight
I dare say a bit haunting

everything was running smooth
until that one fateful moment

we bumped into a massive diamond

from that split second moment

my voyage was lost forever

and even though I knew

I would never meet Henry

at least, I would meet death with a smile.

Slumberbashing In Diamonds
Saturday, May 11, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: dream,gratitude,affinity and love,titanic
Slumberbash (party in my dream)
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