Smiley, Stubborn Faces Of Childhood Poem by Anant Yadav anyanant

Smiley, Stubborn Faces Of Childhood

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that smile on her face,
Waiting for summer vacation
The style of drinking the pan of grandmother's hand,
We had felt the heat stroke,
That stolen mango, then the fear of being caught,
Hiding in grandmother's lap to save from mother's beating
pleading with sister to save her,
Jumping like monkeys themselves,
Keep on being afraid of father,
That childhood memory, teasing the lamp is grandmother's belief in me,
Then di got angry with grandmother,
Grandmother says like this that she picked up eternal from these streets,
Then what? Crying and falling asleep
Lose yourself talking to yourself
Then the eyes become moist while celebrating,
Stubborn stubbornness to say this,
not to cry,
That mother's feeding with her own hands,
Sometimes being stubborn with loved ones,
Then wait for the stubbornness to be fulfilled,
When did we start growing apart from our own people?

crying over the breaking of the toy that came before,
Now smiling at the broken relationship.
First know the anger of people but keep sitting sad
Now know the troubles of life but keep moving forward,
First to suffer, to run away,
Now keep fighting those troubles,
I wanted to grow up
Now there is no acid on those desires,
Thinking seems to have remained incomplete,
Childhood gone, all the things gone,
learned to drive on these
You have made a stubborn mountain.

Will you still remember childhood?

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