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Smitten By You - Poem by Snake Blocker

I've felt every emotion and felt every turn.
I've felt every heartbeat—a lesson to learn.
You spoke to me words I do not understand.
I'll never forget you and your dirty hands.

I thought I was smitten by you.

You told me you loved me. You said I'm ‘the One.'
You may push me and shove me but I'll never run.
I gave you my trust, when things made no sense.
I just want to see you, whatever the expense.

'cause I was but smitten by you.

You gave me the promise, when you said its truth.
I remember your voice and the vows never true.
I remember every poem and prayer full of strife.
I remember each moment with you in my life.

Because I was smitten by you.

You told me you missed me and wanted me now.
So I'm leaving the war zone to move to your town.
You're a burden and without you I carry no lose.
Every day is precious so I don't count the cost.

In a wink I was smitten by you.

I'm far from perfect; I've been known to be wrong.
But I fancy your style and heard all your songs.
I remember the snake that sat with the prey.
I remember our number and stories you would say.

I remember I was smitten by you.

I called you Alarming before we were set.
God had told me to be patient and I would never regret.
He was right 'cause I hate you with each passing day.
With a hate that will grow and I'll take to my grave.

Because I was smitten by you.

I promised I would find you. I vowed this is true,
In sickness and in health and to be with you soon.
I'll hurt you for better and much violent pain.
I'm given the strength to arrest you the same.

Even now I am smitten by you.

You have your reasons but lies will not hear.
You have your plan but lies have no fear.
You have your ideas that I cannot see.
But nothing and no one will kill you but me.

I don't regret I was smitten by you!
I was smitten by your fat lies and soon you will be smitten too!

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 10, 2012

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