Steven Drake

Rookie (San Diego, California)

Sociopaths - Poem by Steven Drake

Life transitory. Exposed to the elements.
Down memory lane. Testing time off the
edge of my brain. Definitively defined.
In search of primordial feelings. Risking.
Safety denuded. Transitory screams. Primeval.
Accosted out of the earth's plane. Fallen to secrets
that injure my name. Nothing. Silent distance.
Adjured unfairly. Marital schemes. Wishing
I'd never met certain people that shadow me
with their ghostly presence of shame.

Nimrods. Annihilate my conscience's character.
In sleepy hollow's headless horseman. Dark
as nights of recovery. Senselessly thought
they were there for me. Climbing up the back of
branches of my tree. Losing my heritage. Second
sighted to whom ever to believe? Space of time revered
off faces as my crying shame. Illusions
taken preference for words they've falsely
claimed. Impervious to my feelings' poetic
preference shedding my skin.

Sins. Inordinate dollars pinned to chests opted
out of real life success. Selling their souls for
witness of the devil's breath, breathing down my
back. With a target on my back. Blasting me
with lies of false presentiments. Ignorant for love's
blind sighted cold warfare. Up against unsavory theft.
Stealing blessings confessed. Lyrically tempting
to those for inglorious fame. Greedy wealth's
filthy lucre. Pin pointing this lazar beam. Shunned.
World-at-large criminally.

It's a matter of trust, however, in vain of
people's dark hearted vanity. Getting
off scot-free, egomaniacally. Wicked
wry rues with blood on their hands. Touched by darkness
played up to the end. Feigning bravery's false piety.
To the nth degree. God will catch them in the act someday.
Treacherous sadistic monsters. Ungodly friends.
Speaking from heart they will not win. Culpable
stealth buried beneath the law. Unconscionable.
Immoral sociopaths crawl.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Poem written out of terror of what I've gone through to escape with my life! In denial of childhood abuse. Unconsciously thinking that I would be killed. When lies kill your life. Feeling no one on my side. Causing me a great deal of pain. Especially if people have no compassion, understanding nor any empathy. Stealing my intellectual property. Baring false witness against me. Feeling vilified and shunned. Severely taken advantage of by people's lying schemes of treacherous behavior. Betrayed for my lyrics stolen for those in the music industry. Of course my evidence was on my written pages they've stolen for self-serving maniacal gains. With no other recourse but to write my heart out of this culpable shame. Without any fair witnesses draining the life out of me!

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 22, 2012

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